About the Consolidated Community Announcements category

This category is for announcements from other Open Hardware communities such as the Internet of Production Alliance, and the Gathering for Open Science Hardware/

If this is an announcement that you would like to have shared with other platforms via our consolidated announcement channel, please be sure to apply the “broadcast” tag to the post!

Broadcast Content Guidelines:

  • Scope: related directly or indirectly to open source hardware (OSH); if indirectly related, a brief explanation of the connection, the “why should I care” will be included with the post
  • Included: anything that could be participated in on a global scale, either online, or of a scale/open for broader community participation regardless of location
  • Not included: smaller local/regional hackathons/meetups/council or governance meeting
  • Examples: community calls, conferences (OSHWA Summit), online events/programmes
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@julianstirling can you link/list all currently synched Community forums here?