OSH Automated Documentation

Dear all,

In this forum topic, I want to discuss OSH Automated Documentation, a set of software packages that assists users in creating visual assembly manuals. The tool is currently a research prototype but the current goal is that it becomes usable by the general public.

I’m now working on making the tool easy to install. It essentially consists of a workbench for FreeCAD together with a PDF generator. In this workbench, the user creates what we call a “documentation CAD file” which links to the set of “design CAD files”. The user then creates a textual specification that links to the documentation CAD file. The PDF generator takes this textual specification as input and generates the manual.

The FreeCAD workbench currently only works on a modified FreeCAD version that is based on realthunder’s version. The current idea is that we make the workbench work on the mainline FreeCAD and to make it available in FreeCAD’s Addon Manager. Unfortunately, our workbench requires some modifications to FreeCAD, so that is a first focus point. I will discuss these changes with the FreeCAD community.




thx @pieterhijma for releasing this update and a new web page, I’ll share in the network to kick of some discussion and input from other community members. Thank you so much for your work, this is exciting!