Sigrok leaderless

Sigrok is a cross-platform open source project for reading and using data from logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, etc.

Sigrok support is the first thing i check for when selecting a piece of test equipment.

The project has recently (over the last ~3-9 months?) taken a downhill trajectory
with most of the core developers / maintainers / leadership disappearing
and a lot of technical debt accumulating
The remaining handful of active developers appear to be spread too thin
(across the multiple sub-projects and outside of the project)
to do the maintenance stuff like reviewing PRs, cutting a release or mobilizing the userbase to do so

While i don’t intend to invite an outside organization to “go fix it”
(see the perils of getting foreign aid right)
i would like to know what kind of help the OTFN can provide projects like these

(my apologies for the rather camp title, there’s a 15 character minimum)

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