The state of toolchain research

I would like to give you a brief overview of the current state of toolchain research. I have been a member of the Open Toolchain Foundation team for a little more than a month and build on the work and results of Martin.

We are still at an early stage of the work and currently use nocoDB, a no-code database platform, to store the data. A public view is available here. We have collected data (name, website, source code URL, licenses, categorisation etc.) from 76 tools so far. On the one hand, we use the data for our internal work and research, but it should also be useful to the community in the future. Based on this, we want to bring the data together with the actual toolchains. For this, we are still looking for a suitable way to combine the two. We are also looking for a solution how to make the data more easily available on our website.

The data is visible to everyone and can be exported. In the associated GitLab repository you can find more information on how to add new tools or how to contribute in general.

I would be happy if you could contribute your ideas and experiences from similar projects here.


I hadn’t seen NocoDB in action. That looks great. (I think you meant to link this.)

Regarding adding something to the website, it should be fairly straight-forward to grab the data from Noco and make a nice looking frontend out of it. The closest thing I’ve done is a brief project for Field Ready which grabs data from their Airtable. Should be possible to do something similar with Noco.

How exactly to go about it depends a bit how well integrated you want the page to be in the main website. So it ranges from “fully the same” (generate a Jekyll page) to same looking but separate (put whatever frontend framework on a sub-domain – could still be put in an iframe on the main site), where less integrated will also take less effort.

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Hi @robfech thx for sharing this here, almost missed it. I think the links provided by @kaspar will help indeed. (though on the longer run we’re not supporting NocoDB as they now have cancelled the SSO integration, Grist seems to be the closest next thing).

Now on another note there are some interesting papers like this one:

(Interesting graphics, but careful, has an NC License attached although Open Access)

So we might want to open another topic/thread here in the forum discussing the approach of visualizing toolchain examples? Link the issue discussion in Gitlab here? @robfech

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I created here a thread to discuss how we can visualize the toolchain.